The Freedom of Assisted Living

The Freedom of Assisted Living

One of the greatest fears of seniors who are looking into and preparing for their future is losing their freedom. However, the reality is that assisted living provides seniors with far more freedom than they are likely experiencing in their current situation.

Freedom of Time

Retirement was supposed to be full of free time, but the yard still needs to be mowed, the house still needs to be cleaned, three meals a day still need to be made, and random, routine maintenance around the house still needs to be done. And have you noticed how long all of these things take?!

Assisted living removes the shackles to household chores and frees you to spend your time doing what you want to do: spending time with loved ones, socializing with friends, reading, doing that hobby you’ve always wanted to spend more time doing, and more.

Freedom from Worries

Even if you live with your spouse, as you age, your sense of security can begin to feel threatened, but especially when you live alone. Fear and anxiety can wrack your brain and spiral into worrying constantly about what might happen, and the consequences of all those what ifs. There are external threats (real or imagined), and then there are internal threats, like tripping and falling, or accidentally leaving a burner on, or forgetting how many pills you’ve taken. As we age, these are all common and natural concerns, but you don’t have to live with them.

Assisted living removes the burden of constant worries and provides the security you need for both external and internal concerns. With 24/7 staffing and appropriate security in place, you can feel protected and cared for, no matter what’s going on. Plus, that security gives you more freedom to focus less on your worries and more on enjoying life.

Freedom from Loneliness

It can become harder and harder to get around as you age, and for as many options as there are on daytime television, watching HGTV and soaps all day does eventually get old. We are social creatures, and we need human connection to stay healthy, but finding those human connections becomes increasingly difficult as you age, especially if you live alone.

Assisted living provides a built-in community of people who are just as interested in building and sustaining meaningful relationships to squeeze all of the joy you can from life together. With shared meal opportunities and planned social activities baked into your day, you don’t even need to be the one who schedules the outing and arranges all the details…you can just show up.

Freedom from Boredom

“So, what are we going to do today, Joe?” “I don’t know, Connie, probably the same thing we did yesterday.” Are you tired of the monotony of your daily life? Routines are great, but they can also become rituals that feel weary and tiresome. Plus, when we stay in the same pattern all of the time, we might not be exercising our bodies or stimulating our minds in new and different ways, leading to actual fatigue, boredom, and depression.

Maybe best of all, you never have to hunt for something to do in assisted living; there’s always something different and entertaining happening to keep your mind and body engaged and entertained.

The common myth that you lose your freedom when you live in a senior living community is one that’s easily busted! If you’re ready to find the freedom you’ve been searching for in your retirement years, learn more about assisted living at Danbury Senior Living, explore our communities, or schedule a tour. We are confident that you’ll love the resort-style living waiting for you at Danbury.

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