Is foot care different for Seniors?

Is foot care different for Seniors?

Many seniors never see a podiatrist until something happens.  Broken bones are not an uncommon complaint because bones lose calcium as we age. Aging does a number on people’s muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones which can mean an increased need for podiatric attention.

Proper foot health is often overlooked but is a very important issue for seniors. It is vitally important to maintaining an active lifestyle. Seniors need to visit a podiatrist for a proper assessment and, if necessary, treatment of and foot or ankle problems to ensure good foot health. 

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Nail care.  Many seniors suffer from ingrown nails due to pressures on the nails or improper cutting.  This can often result in various kinds of infections that require professional care. If physically unable to perform regular nail care, podiatrists are positioned to do so safely.
  2. Specialized care for diabetics, people with poor circulation, and those on anticoagulants.  Even for simple trimming of nails and corns/calluses, this population is at risk for complications of self-care. Podiatrists are also able to prescribe appropriate foot care measures to treat and hopefully prevent serious problems.
  3. Fall risk assessments and footwear advice are vital to maintaining mobility and a healthy, active lifestyle.  This is a particular need for diabetics or anybody with peripheral neuropathies or gait abnormalities due to strokes, joint replacement surgery, or other problems.

Did you know that a local Podiatrist visits Danbury Senior Living every month? Visits are made right in the privacy of your apartment and billed to insurance. Just another way Danbury helps seniors live their best lives!

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