The internet will help me find the best senior living center, right?

The internet will help me find the best senior living center, right?

I recently got a call from a friend who was looking for help for a friend. The spouse of the friend was not doing well and they needed help at home. The caller said, “Bob, they’re not doing well and they won’t ask for help. I know you’re the expert on all this, what should I do?”

I was very proud of my friend for reaching out and "Asking the Expert". Yes, we live in the Information Age and it’s very easy to log on to the Information Highway and get answers to just about any question. As shoppers, we’re more educated than ever and if you have a problem you can just “Google it” and you’ll find thousands of answers in two seconds. My friend could have easily gotten on his computer and tried to find answers.

However, as we all know, if you can find a hundred correct answers, you can find a thousand wrong answers. When seeking information for health care services in your neighborhood, can you be confident that the internet will give you correct information? Or, will it connect you with the company that paid the most to show up on your screen?

Did you know Danbury Senior Living and our senior living communities have been serving Northeast Ohio since 1997? We’ve seen and heard it all. We will answer your questions honestly and steer you in the right direction and provide a tour of one of our Ohio senior living communities. When you need help, please don’t “Google it.” Give us a call, we’ve been helping folks right here in your backyard for almost 25 years!

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