How do I talk with Dad about moving to assisted living?

How do I talk with Dad about moving to assisted living?

Having “the Senior talk” can be difficult, emotional, and scary. But putting off the subject for another time might leave you with no time for pre-planning. If you are considering talking to your parents about assisted living, here are a few tips.

  1. If you have siblings, discuss the assisted living option with them first.

The future plan for your parents as they age might be different in your mind than from your siblings’. Make sure all can agree, or find ways to discuss your disagreements before bringing the topic up with your parents.

  1. Bring the topic up before you’re forced to bring it up.

Pre-planning allows you to control the situation, the setting, and the direction of the conversation. If it’s possible, choose a time when there’s a network of family or friends available, and when the people involved are happy and relaxed.

  1. Be willing to revisit the conversation more than once.

The first conversation may not be successful. Even just thinking about getting older or not being well enough to live on your own is a scary consideration. That first conversation may, in fact, just be the ball that gets a long process rolling. Review these common questions with your parent to start the conversation and provide the benefits of a senior living community.

At Danbury Senior Living, we know that this can be a difficult conversation but we also know the move is very rewarding for all involved. Let us know how we can help. Call today with any questions or schedule a tour of the nearest Danbury community!

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