Is sitting the new smoking?

Is sitting the new smoking?

Believe it or not, I go to the gym 4-6 mornings a week. One of my favorite parts of going early in the morning is talking to and seeing my senior friends who are there working hard every morning! One guy laces up his old Chuck Taylors and shoots hoops and runs the basketball courts. One guy speed walks on the track. Several of the guys play racquetball all morning. For those who prefer low impact, you will find them in the pool swimming lap after lap after lap. The point is, all of them break a sweat, and all of them are in great shape and are always on the go!

Someone recently told me that “sitting is the new smoking” and it really made me think of my retired friends and clients. How many do you know that spend too much time sitting? Sitting and reading, sitting and watching TV, sitting and playing on the computer? Too many times the excuse for not exercising is that they “don’t feel like it.” The secret is, the more you exercise, the more you feel like exercising! Now, a senior should always consult with their physician or even a personal trainer before getting too crazy with an exercise program, but the idea is that we need to get up out of the chair and break a sweat! Maybe you would like a group to exercise with? Give me a call to learn more about how Danbury emphasizes an active lifestyle. Remember the phrase, “use it, or lose it!”

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