Why won’t my kids send photo albums of the grandkids?

Why won’t my kids send photo albums of the grandkids?

Because they’re on Facebook. And Instagram. And Pinterest. And anything else they can share pictures with that involves their phone or a computer. The question is no longer “why doesn’t anyone print and send pictures anymore,” the question is now, “Why aren’t you on Facebook? Or Instagram? Or Pinterest? Here are a few reasons for a senior to have a basic account on a social media site:

  1. It keeps families close. Even though we live hundreds of miles apart, we can all still interact and “share” things like photos, news articles, and even recipes.
  2. It’s instant gratification. My own parents are in their 70’s and have no idea how to actually use most of Facebook. But you better believe they know how to look at the most recent pictures of their grandkids. I know when my dad has been on Facebook because he has “Liked” and “Commented” on every picture I’ve posted since the last time he was on!!
  3. Community engagement and belonging. As many seniors age and become less mobile, they often feel disconnected from the community. Social Media is a great way for the homebound to keep up with their church, local parks & rec, and even local news!

It’s time to embrace social media and engage! Be sure to “Like” us at www.facebook.com/DanburySeniorLivingHomeOffice for more great tips like this and photos of all the fun things we do!

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