My dad seems depressed, could this actually be true?

My dad seems depressed, could this actually be true?

My 75-year-old father has always lived on the sunny side of the street, always whistling a tune and always a twinkle in his eye. Lately, he just has not been himself, he seems distracted and distant. Even the older grandkids have noticed. Could he actually be “depressed?”

Did you know that depression is very common among older adults? Some feel that they have lost their health, lost their spouse, lost their friends, “lost” their house, and now they don’t know what to do. Interestingly, sadness doesn’t always accompany depression, but forgetfulness, aches & pains, and irritability often do! Many Seniors have never had to deal with such an issue. They think that if they just keep pulling up their bootstraps and working harder then everything will be okay. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work when it comes to aging! We all will get older no matter what!

 If you are a senior and think you might be suffering from depression, or you know a senior who is, don’t hesitate to get help. There have been amazing advances in medications as well as counseling. Other tips include:

1) Get more exercise- get those endorphins ­flowing!

2) Connect with others- we all know how the smile of a friend makes us feel better.

3) Get more sleep- forget about the after-dinner coffee and the late shows- get to bed!

4) Eat a more balanced diet. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you can eat junk food all the time!

Believe it or not, a move to a campus such as Danbury can really help with the cure. We help with exercises, diet and most of all, friends. How great would it be to have neighbors of the same age and interests? For more information on all that we offer, please visit or just give us a call!


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