How do I choose the right senior care facility?

How do I choose the right senior care facility?

Have you noticed how many new “senior communities” are sprouting up every few months in the area?  The reason, according to AARP, is that about 8,000 Americans turn 65 every day-- that’s almost twice the population of Munroe Falls! So, how do you choose the right place for yourself or mom or dad? 

Finding the right place can be a challenge, there are many questions to ask such as: 

  • What is your staff to resident ratio?  
  • How long have you been in business?  
  • What are your current residents like?  
  • Do you have a safe outdoor space? 
  • Who owns your company?  
  • What principles guide your daily business? 

 Since 1997, Danbury Senior Living has been the hometown favorite in Northeast Ohio. With headquarters in North Canton, our owners and directors live right here and have the same pride and priorities that are in line with our community and have made us successful for almost 25 years. Our knowledge, longevity, and resident-focused philosophy combined with our many years of experience make us the prevailing choice when you are searching for the right place for your next chapter.  

Learn more at or call the building closest to you for a visit.  

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