What Can a Senior Do to Beat the Heat?

What Can a Senior Do to Beat the Heat?

Even though our spring has been a roller coaster of temperatures, get ready because the summer heat is coming!

Did you know that many of our seniors are very prone to dehydration for the simple fact that they do not drink enough water? This is a very tricky problem because the more water we drink, the more often we have to use the restroom. Unfortunately, things like severe dehydration, urinary tract infections, heat swelling and heat strokes are not good options either.

 Here are some tips for seniors keeping hydrated and cool that hopefully won’t have them running to the restroom frequently.  

  1. Popsicles- a nice cold way to sneak some juice in!
  2. Eat more watermelon, oranges, celery, and cucumber.
  3. Meat! Did you know that most cuts of chicken and beef are over 60% water? Just don’t singe it on the grill!
  4. Keep your body cool. Stay in the shade and air conditioning or in a pool. Take a cold bath or shower at least once a day. The less you sweat, the less your body loses water!

At Danbury Senior Living, we take all the necessary steps to ensure folks who live with us are well taken care of during the summer months. From custom dining to safe activities, we certainly do our best to enjoy the summer sunshine in a safe manner. As always, give us a call to learn how we can help!

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