I’m over 65 and have had my vaccine, can I move around the area freely now?

I’m over 65 and have had my vaccine, can I move around the area freely now?

Most of my senior friends love the many local attractions in our area. From our wonderful museums to our popular farmer's markets, to our adventurous parks we live in an amazing part of Ohio with much to do, especially for seniors.

Now that many people have had a vaccine and understand the rules of masks and distancing, my senior friends are getting restless and want to get back to enjoying their best lives. Here are some reasons “getting out and about” is very important for seniors.

  1. Physical and Mental stimulation. During the pandemic, many seniors felt like they were wasting away. Getting out to see new things will challenge the body and stimulate the brain in some of the best ways possible
  2. No, sitting on our keisters watching TV all day is not healthy. Having brunch or going to a museum is very healthy for our body and brain!
  3. Economic Impact. Many local business and restaurants rely on the business of seniors. And of equal importance, most seniors take pride in their ability to support them!

To learn more, join me and Jim Mahon from Akron-Summit Visitors Bureau as we chat about “Seniors Seeing Summit County” He will share some great ideas for rediscovering this place we call home! Tuesday 4/20 at 2 pm Live on facebook.com/danburyseniorlivingtallmadge or any of the Danbury Senior living Facebook Pages.

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