My Mom seems to suffer from chronic pain, is there anything I can do?

My Mom seems to suffer from chronic pain, is there anything I can do?

Did you know that chronic pain is one of the most common, yet underreported health conditions for seniors? According to NIH, over 50% of those ages 75-85 suffer from chronic pain. While the reasons stem from our body just wearing down to migraine headaches, the symptoms are real, and they can be debilitating. Seniors who suffer from chronic pain report side effects such as loss of sleep, reduced mobility, social isolation, and depression. The question is, how can we help? Here are a few tips:

  1. Educate yourself on the problem. Learn all you can about the chronic condition. It can be encouraging to know that your chronic pain is someone’s specialty.
  2. Manage the problem medically. Report problems to a pain specialist and follow their plan. Make medications, therapy, and all their advice a priority. It can be encouraging to know that a medical professional is in your corner cheering you through this.
  3. Form a supportive environment. Is there a support group or club for your chronic pain? It can be encouraging to know that you are not alone in this battle.

To learn more about how chronic pain affects seniors, join Danbury Senior Living and our partners at Western Reserve Hospital, Center for Pain Management for a Facebook Live webinar “Helping Seniors Manage Chronic Pain” with Nurse Practitioner Bethany Pontius. Click on Tuesday 3/23 at 3 pm. Contact me with any questions!

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