What, Exactly, Is a Certified Elder Law Attorney?

What, Exactly, Is a Certified Elder Law Attorney?

Did you know there are only 25 Certified Elder Law Attorney’s in the state of Ohio? 

If you’re of an appropriate age, or have a loved one who is, you’ve probably heard of an “Elder Law Attorney” and wondered what they do. Well, someone who claims to be an “Elder Law Attorney” or someone who does “elder law,” is just that- it is an attorney who does many other things, like divorce, injury/accident, probate and even elder law. What most people don’t understand is that being a Certified Elder Law Attorney sets a particular attorney apart. According to the National Elder Law Foundation (www.nelf.org), for an attorney to become a CELA, they must pass certain tests and work within certain parameters to become, and stay, certified! This is no small task considering the pass rates to become certified are below 50%! Remember, there are only 25 in Ohio!

If you’re like me, when you read this, you’re thinking of question after question you’d like to ask a Certified Elder Law Attorney. However, you’re probably picturing dollar signs adding up in your brain!

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