Generational Care—Why Young People Benefit from Working at a Senior Living Facility

Generational Care—Why Young People Benefit from Working at a Senior Living Facility

With an ever-growing “silver tsunami,” or increasing number of people in senior generations, comes a significant increase in job opportunities in senior living communities as well. But pursuing a career in senior care provides so much more than job security for younger generations. Here are a few more reasons why working in a senior living facility is an excellent choice. 

A Sense of Purpose

Working in a senior living community brings an immediate sense of reward. Helping someone eat, bathe, or get dressed not only meets their basic needs, but provides an opportunity to communicate love, dignity, and respect in the process. Many seniors, especially those dealing with the challenge of memory loss, may experience times when they feel lonely and afraid. The energy and compassion of a young companion can bring joy and hope to both. 

An Opportunity to Learn

Spending time with a senior who has decades of life experience under their belt can be like stepping into a time machine! Whether they have traveled, raised a large family, fought in wars, or witnessed a variety of historical events, they have a treasure trove of experiences, perspectives, and stories to share. At a time when parts of society largely ignore the voices of older generations, you have an opportunity not only to learn some fascinating details, but to validate another person’s life experiences. 

A Chance to Grow

It’s common for people to spend much of their golden years reflecting on their experiences and choices. Many seniors crave the opportunity to share their perspectives on life, including their triumphs and regrets. As you spend time with someone in their 80s or 90s who can look back on their 20s and 30s with wisdom, you may change some of your own priorities, grow in your ability to enjoy the moment, and make informed decisions for your own life.  

A Stronger Community

Ageism, or discrimination based on age, causes everyone to lose out. Older people are often viewed as confused or irrelevant, while the young are dismissed as careless or disrespectful. The result is tunnel vision on both sides. When generations spend time together, they work for the greater good together. By working in a senior living community, you will bring those values to people in the rest of your world, building respect, understanding, and potential volunteer opportunities. 

Danbury Senior Living values the opportunity to bring the generations together when young people come to work in our facilities. Learn more about how you can be a part of closing the generation gap at Danbury.

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