What Should I Get Grandma For Christmas?

What Should I Get Grandma For Christmas?

Most aging parents or Grandparents will swear they do not want anything for Christmas. “My house has enough junk in it! Please don’t bring me more!” or, “I have enough pajamas/coffee cups/slippers/etc, I’m just going to donate whatever you buy me!” The problem is, we just cannot bear the thought of them not opening anything on Christmas Day. So, what are we supposed to do?

Here are some ideas:

  • Custom made throw blanket/shirt/hat/umbrella/pillow. Get one made with a big family picture or of their favorite pet on it.
  • Homemade family photo albums or scrapbooks. Just go through your Facebook and print a year’s worth of photos and put them in a nice album. Don’t forget to add descriptions and notes!
  • Senior Friendly tools/kitchen gadgets. Seniors often struggle with grip and balance so little items in the kitchen and around the house are often appreciated.
  • Help them with church. For many of our seniors, Christmas Eve service is a long-forgotten tradition. Help set up their favorite church’s Christmas Eve service- and watch along with them.

 The Christmas Holiday is now upon us and we want to make is as special as possible for our senior family members. To learn how we celebrate and emphasize safety, call us today.

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