Why Choose Danbury Senior Living? An Opportunity to Grow

Why Choose Danbury Senior Living? An Opportunity to Grow

When it comes to assisted living communities, prospective residents and their families have a broad range of choices before them. The same goes for employees as well. An assisted living community like Danbury quickly becomes family—a family you can choose! But within that family, your roles can change as you develop and advance. Here is what you can expect from professional growth opportunities when you work at Danbury.

Opportunities for Advancement

Good employees want to grow, and Danbury wants good employees! That’s why we work with you to keep you challenged, excited, and on top of your game. We encourage employee advancement within communities and across our 18 campuses (and growing!), where the Danbury family continues to put down roots and thrive. 

Schooling Reimbursement 

Danbury is proud to partner with higher education institutions to offer reduced tuition to further your education. Are you an STNA committed to developing a career as an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)? Danbury will help you get there with the professional training and education you need. 

Leadership Academy 

Danbury employees who show leadership potential have the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Academy. This nomination-only program offers promising employees an opportunity to explore and develop their leadership skills. 

ROPE Nominations 

ROPE, or Recognition of Performance Excellence, recognizes an employee who exemplifies a true commitment to their career and exemplifies Danbury community values. This internal award honors employees and builds community by giving residents and coworkers the opportunity to nominate those who make a difference in their lives. 

Learn More

As a growing company, we’re always looking for special people to join our family and become the best they can be. Discover the perks of being a Danbury employee or explore opportunities available to you today!

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