Mediation Tips for Families Deciding

Mediation Tips for Families Deciding

Making the decision to move yourself or a loved one into an assisted living community can be a tricky process, especially during a pandemic, but it can also be filled with excitement and hope. As you work to weigh options, narrow your choices, and determine the best destination for a happy and healthy lifestyle, you can put strategies in place to make the process go smoothly.

Most decisions to make the move include a number of people: the future resident, their children and/or spouse, and other loved ones involved in daily care and/or financial decisions. How do you negotiate these decisions while making sure everyone is still, well, speaking to one another by moving day?

Make a List of What’s Important

Before starting the search for an assisted living community, each family member involved in the decision should make a list, ranked, of what’s most important to them. When making a list before getting caught up in the emotions of site visits, medical emergencies, or general fatigue with the decision making process, family members can compare their priorities with some objectivity.  

Each person should take some time to consider what’s most important to them concerning the following aspects of assisted living:

  • Location
  • Administration and staff
  • Nursing and medical care
  • Safety and security
  • Dining facilities
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Activities
  • Transportation
  • Transition services (such as memory care and aging in place)
  • Cost

Consider Multiple Sites

After reaching common ground about personal preferences and priorities, you'll want to consider multiple sites. If it's safe to do so, you might schedule visits to multiple sites, but under current guidelines, you might instead ask for a virtual tour of communities. If collective visits with the family aren’t possible, local family members can send links, literature, and video of prospective communities to the rest of the group before making the decision. The resident, their spouse, children, and/or other loved ones should feel comfortable with the new home away from home.

Get Outside Help

Don’t hesitate to seek additional help when you need it. Deciding on an assisted living community can be overwhelming, sometimes bringing up family conflicts that haven’t been discussed in years. These are normal family dynamics, and while conflict is not always enjoyable, it’s important to keep moving toward the best decision to avoid rushing into a last-minute solution. CPAs and financial planners can advise with financial concerns, while geriatric care managers can help you explore individual needs and care options. If the decision-making process still meets a dead end, a professional family mediator can help hit the “reset” button and facilitate the family toward an objective process.

Download Family Mediation Guide 

Do you and your family have questions about assisted living? Call us at 888.432.6279, or connect with one of our communities directly... once you’ve made your list, of course!

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