Saying Goodbye to the Homestead: Will I Regret Downsizing?

Saying Goodbye to the Homestead: Will I Regret Downsizing?

Any major life change can bring joy, excitement, confusion, and yes, regret. Few things can rock a person’s sense of stability like a change of address. However, sometimes a challenging transition is exactly what is needed to bring life to that next level of peace and fulfillment. 

Acknowledge the Hard Parts of Downsizing

Moving to a new home, regardless of the size or location, can be scary. When you cannot yet picture yourself in the full swing of your new life, it’s understandable to focus on fears of losing your possessions and sense of independence.

The healthiest way to deal with these fears is to face them head on. Recognize that you will be grieving some losses, and allow yourself to talk about those. But don’t let the feelings dictate your decision once you’ve made the choice to downsize. Keep the facts in front of you, and remind yourself of the reasons you are making this transition—to make the most of your golden years: 

  • The increased time and independence that will come from allowing others to cook, maintain a property, and design activities and opportunities for your enrichment
  • Opportunities for deeper—and new—social connections
  • Freedom from storing, cleaning, and looking after a large number of possessions

Take Control 

By taking ownership of your downsizing experience, you will invest in the process and feel more positive about the outcome. Even if your family is involved in helping you make the transition, you should do whatever you can to work together to make the experience yours. If necessary, get help from a moving company you trust. Stay organized by creating a system for going through your items, and consider sketching out a floor plan for furniture placement. Manage your stress by staying focused, but also schedule some times for relaxation and reflection so you don’t burn out and arrive at your new home too drained to appreciate your new and exciting environment. 

Looking Ahead

As you say goodbye, allow yourself to remember that you have a new life waiting for you—a life with less work, more adventures, and more time to enjoy the important things in life. Set out some pictures to celebrate the wonderful memories from your old home. Just make sure you reserve plenty of space for pictures of your new one, too. 

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