What Kind of Work Is Right for Me?

What Kind of Work Is Right for Me?

What type of people enjoy work in an assisted living community? All types! Danbury is an exceptional senior living community that thrives on diversity, bringing together a range of interests, personalities, and roles under a shared vision to help our residents thrive. Whatever your style, you can find a way to shine as part of the Danbury family. 


Like to get out there and be in the middle of it all? Danbury offers a lot of opportunities to meet new people, strike up conversations, and share joy, laughter, and compassion. Whether you’re interested in serving meals as a Dining Server or helping people as a Life Enrichment Assistant, there’s a people-person job for you!


Most introverts still like people—just maybe not all at once. If you prefer making a difference in a one-on-one setting, consider applying as a resident companion. A companion provides consistent long-term care by teaming with nurses to meet a resident’s physical and emotional needs. Think of it as a full-time partnership. The relationship brings joy and meaning to both the resident and the companion’s day as the two develop a strong bond.


Like to work with your hands, turn ingredients into magical meals. Use your creative gifts to enrich the lives of Danbury residents as a cook can bring an imaginative spark to their day. 


For some people, predictability is the key to happiness. While life in an assisted living community can be full of surprises, some roles are better suited for lovers of structure than those who fly by the seat of their pants. Consider applying for a job as a housekeeper or bus driver, where you will work within predictable routines and schedules while brightening the residents’ days. 

The "Little Bit of Everything" Person

What if you like to work with a team but also want opportunities for one-on-one conversation? Do you like the general structure of routines with different challenges thrown in every day? Are you a health and science buff who also has a knack for creative problem solving? If you love variety and have certification as an STNA or LPN consider joining the Danbury family. 

Join the Danbury Team

As a growing company, we’re always looking for special people of all strengths and personalities to join our family. Discover the perks of being a Danbury employee or explore opportunities available to you today! 

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