New Year, New Career: Top 5 Reasons LPNs Jump to New Jobs

New Year, New Career: Top 5 Reasons LPNs Jump to New Jobs

After investing time, money, and anticipation into earning an LPN degree, it can be disheartening to find yourself in a workplace that doesn’t appreciate the work you do. If you’re feeling dissatisfied in your current position, take heart: you are not alone. Danbury Senior Living understands the value and importance of LPNs to the quality of care we deliver.

Here are five things LPNs can expect when they work at Danbury:


LPNs work under the supervision of an RN, of course, but they should feel supported, not micromanaged. An RN can advise an LPN about patient care without hovering over their every move and conversation. An LPN trusted to carry out the role they trained hard for is more likely to stay invested in the job.


Nursing is a rewarding job, albeit a difficult one. An LPN who feels underappreciated will not have the emotional reserves to last for very long. Many managers underestimate how far a word of encouragement or recognition can go. Danbury works hard to show appreciation, both through our employee perks as well as our employee recognition program.

Reduced Stress

Many LPNs cite stress as their main reason for leaving a job. Working too many hours, or constantly cleaning up messes left by another shift, can start to wear on a person’s physical and mental energy. It’s important to us to help team members operate in less stressful opportunities so that they can feel good about the work they’re doing and the contributions they’re making.

Positive Work Environment

A number of factors can contribute to a toxic work environment, but for LPNs working with patients in vulnerable situations, it can be especially disheartening to work alongside people who don’t share similar values. Compassion and empathy are important components that contribute to the positive work environment Danbury strives to create for its employees.

Opportunities for Advancement  

Challenged workers are happy workers, and that is especially true in the nursing profession, where there are opportunities to “rise in the ranks” from STNA to LPN to RN, and then to increasing levels of responsibility and leadership. If you’re interested in advancing in your career, Danbury provides employees with a clear path toward professional growth.

The Danbury Difference

If you’re struggling at your current LPN job, resolve to make a change this year! Danbury Senior Living offers a variety of opportunities for LPNs. Not only do you have 15 locations to choose from (with more on the way), but opportunities to earn bonuses, make a flexible schedule, and further your education in a warm environment that feels like family. Check out these perks for Danbury LPNs:

  • An AWESOME attendance bonus; you can earn an extra $2600 bonus (full-time) or $1300 bonus (part-time) per year!
  • Shift differentials for 2nd shift, 3rd shift, and weekends
  • Scrubs provided for you 
  • Employee recruiting bonus
  • Higher education institution partnerships to offer reduced tuition to further your education

Don’t stay stuck in the wrong LPN job! Explore our current LPN opportunities and then apply. We stand ready to welcome you to our Danbury family!

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