Opportunities Continue to Increase for LPNs and STNAs: Which Opportunities Are the Best?

 Opportunities Continue to Increase for LPNs and STNAs: Which Opportunities Are the Best?

As a nursing professional, you may have noticed that it’s more difficult to get a job in a hospital these days. And while it’s true that hospitals have employed fewer LPNs and STNAs in recent years, demand for these jobs is still growing in other sectors. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) job outlook for 2018 through 2028 shows LPN jobs growing at a rate of 11 percent and STNA jobs growing at a rate of 9 percent. Both of these rates reflect higher than average growth among job outlooks overall. The BLS also reports that Ohio is among the five states with the highest employment levels for LPNs. So now is a great time to be a nursing professional in Ohio! 

Currently, outpatient clinics, home healthcare, and senior living communities are experiencing the greatest amount of growth in LPN and STNA job opportunities. We’re finding that nursing professionals often prefer to work in senior living communities, as the job responsibilities are more varied than in other settings. Also, they are able to build close, meaningful, and long-lasting relationships with residents and their families, and they enjoy long-term job stability.

Here at Danbury Senior Living, members of our nursing staff appreciate many additional benefits, including: 

  • A family-like work culture that allows employees to make friends in a close-knit community where people dine, play, rest, and enjoy the best things in life together
  • Opportunities for help with career advancement and tuition, including higher education institution partnerships that offer reduced tuition to help employees further their education
  • Attendance bonuses, paid holidays, and medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Generous PTO after 30 days
  • Shift differentials and Daily Pay Option

Help us serve others by creating vibrant, caring, and exceptional communities. Explore the current nursing opportunities at Danbury’s resort-style locations across Northeast and Central Ohio and then apply today!

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