Employee Spotlight: Colin Fansler

Employee Spotlight: Colin Fansler

Colin Fansler is more sure than ever that Danbury is the right workplace for him. He left for a short time, and he’s so glad to be back where he belongs!

Colin had been a line cook at Danbury Parkside Village for 2 ½ years when he was flattered to be offered a job in the kitchen of a trendy new entertainment venue in Columbus. He accepted the position, but in a month’s time, he knew he had made a mistake. “It didn’t have a family vibe among the staff like Danbury does. I realized I missed that a lot.”

Hoping to return to Parkside Village, Colin was relieved when his manager welcomed him back with open arms. “He made it simple for me to come back—even to my same position.” Colin feels this is a good example of the family-like culture that exists throughout the Danbury system.

Today, Colin is back in his groove. He likes the busyness of his day—setting up in the morning, cooking breakfast, and then moving straight into preparations for lunch. But even with all his scheduled tasks, Colin isn’t tied to the kitchen. He has opportunities to go out and interact with the residents and other staff members. “I like connecting with residents. That’s really a big thing for me...getting to know them and hearing their words of wisdom and stories from their younger days.”

One resident, in particular, has attached himself to Colin. Any time he spots Colin, he flags him down and wants to have a long chat. Colin is thankful he has the flexibility to take time for this in his job. It makes his work day interesting, and also, he knows he’s making a difference in a resident’s life.

Colin describes the style of Danbury management as relaxed, but firm—just the way he likes it. He knows they respect (and expect) his strong work ethic, yet they understand the value of being friendly, approachable, and involved. “I’ve worked several places where this wasn’t the case, where the management wasn’t hands-on, didn’t even know what was going on...at Danbury, I’ve learned how different a workplace can be, how good it can be!”

Do you want to experience this same kind of workplace? We may have the right job for you! Visit our Careers page to learn more about joining the Danbury family.

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