5 Questions With Resident Care Companion Racheal Braeunig

5 Questions With Resident Care Companion Racheal Braeunig

For four years, Racheal Braeunig has been making a difference in the lives of residents at Danbury Wooster. And for four years, they’ve been making a difference in hers! At the end of a busy work day, Racheal took the time to tell us about her experience as a Resident Care Companion. Here’s a snapshot of what life is like as an RCC at Danbury Wooster.

Tell me about your typical day as a Resident Care Companion at Danbury.

There’s really no such thing as a “typical” day! But as a resident care companion who works the morning shift, I come in at 5:30 a.m. to help them get out of bed, comb their hair, wash up, and brush their teeth so they’re ready for breakfast. Then I help them get ready for their morning activities or any appointments. I stay with them until just after lunch, leaving at 2 p.m.

Every day we get an assignment sheet that tells us whether we will be on the independent, assisted living, or memory care wing, and we float between those. We get to know everyone so that we are flexible and comfortable in every scenario.

How has working at Danbury differed from previous job opportunities?

The difference is management. They are fantastic! They are open to hearing our ideas and don’t try to micromanage us. They trust us to do our job but will bend over backwards to help us when we need it. And they know your name! You can have a conversation with someone in management one day, and when you see them the next time, pick up right where you left off.

What is one of your favorite things about being a Resident Care Companion?

The stories are my absolute favorite. When you can get the residents talking and sharing stories about their lives together, you learn so much. One of my favorites is Elsa. She was born in Rome and has lived here most of her life, but still has her accent. She loves the Ohio Light Opera and dresses up to go to every performance! I also love how residents’ families are super involved in their lives. They will go on outings with them or sit in on exercise or craft classes.

Tell me about your work culture. What is it like working with your colleagues at Danbury?

For the people I work with, it’s all about the residents and making them comfortable and happy. People don’t come to work here just because they need a job. Either they come in here and care, or they leave. The unpassionate ones tend to just weed themselves out.

I don’t dread coming to work. It doesn’t feel like an overload. This is the first place I’ve worked in a long time where I can say that!  

If you could offer one piece of advice to aspiring Resident Care Companions or Resident Care Companions who are looking for job opportunities, what would it be?

If you don’t like people, this is not for you! You must have compassion and the ability to take time, care, and speak to people as if they are your own grandmother or grandfather. You have to remember, they didn’t ask to be in this situation–giving up the lives they know to move to an apartment with scheduled meals and activities. But this is where they are now. They’re making the best of it, and we are the best way for them to do that. It’s a privilege to take care of them.

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