Condo or Independent Living?

Condo or Independent Living?

You know you want to downsize now that you’re retired, but what is that going to look like? Should you buy or rent a condo, or should you move into an independent living community or villa? Since many independent living communities and villas offer their own apartments or condos with an array of amenities, it can be hard to tell the difference. Let’s take a closer look at the options.

Independent Living? You Can Depend on It!

You’re settled on the fact that you want to simplify your home by living in a smaller space that you don’t have to maintain yourself. Whether you live in a standard condo/apartment, an independent living community, or even one of our villas, you can count on the fact that your days of mowing grass, shoveling snow, and calling the plumber are behind you.

If a “regular” apartment or condo comes with most maintenance included, what are the benefits with going the independent living route? For one, an independent living community offers much more than maintenance. Most offer a range of built-in resources, including common recreation areas, planned activities both onsite and off, and, probably most importantly, dining. These communities are not “nursing homes.” They are apartments or villas that offer everything you want from independent living–your own schedule and daily choices–without the added time and expense of cooking, planning events, and finding places to meet up with friends. It’s the best of both worlds.

Looking Ahead to the Next Step

After downsizing, what’s next? It may seem a little overkill to plan two steps ahead, but it’s actually a very smart strategy. When you downsize to an apartment or condo after retirement, you’ll probably be fit and active for awhile. However, years down the road, you and/or your spouse may find yourself facing more challenges with your energy and health. What was once your convenient downsized space can suddenly present some complications. Are you dealing with stairs, or having trouble in the kitchen? What if you need some occasional help? With an independent living or villa living community as your resource, you can maintain a comfortable and secure quality of life without having to move multiple times. Communities designed around “aging in place” help their residents thrive throughout shifting phases of life, offering assistance and medical care as needed in the comforts of a familiar place: home.

When considering costs, both financial and emotional, think about what you need now but also what you may need down the road as you age.

Want to find out more about how to make the most of your retirement? Downsize your home, but upsize your enjoyment of the good things in life. Call Danbury today to learn about our tour options at one of our locations across Ohio.

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