The Upside to Downsizing After Retirement

The Upside to Downsizing After Retirement

The best years of your life are upon you. Enjoy them as a free spirit unburdened by a long list of responsibilities and chores. By simplifying your life now, you can enter this exciting new stage with a focus on what’s most important: family, friends, and the passions that make you, you.

You Can Take it with You

You may hear the word “downsize” and picture your family approaching with a box of garbage bags as they instruct you to sacrifice the items you love. That is not downsizing! Think of it rather as simplification, a process that helps you identify, and prioritize, what brings you life. Perhaps those old stacks of magazines have been doing nothing more than gathering dust while that doll on the dresser evokes memories of several generations.

As you sort through the items in your household, you can place them in several piles, such as toss, donate, store, gift, and keep. (A handy chart in Danbury’s Mediation Guide can help you with this process.) Unless an item has no use left in it, you will most likely find a better home for it–and make others happy–by donating it to a charitable resale shop or giving it to a relative, who will appreciate having a piece of your home in theirs. If the item is very important to you, by all means, keep it! Just remember that the fewer special items you take with you, the fewer you will have to keep track of and clean.

Move Toward a Move Manager

If the downsizing process has you confused or overwhelmed, there are people who can help. Senior move managers specialize in helping families with the relocation process, from choosing the best communities and housing options, to finding realtors, to organizing, packing, and storing items. Visit the NASMM web page for help in finding a senior move manager near you.

Size Up Your Options

When it comes to senior living communities, the world is your oyster! You just need to take some time to find your perfect pearl. Will you have guests from time to time who will need a separate bedroom and bath? Do you have a hobby, such as painting or quilting, that may necessitate some work space? Or do you love the idea of a simple, cozy space? Make sure you take not only finances, but personal interests and goals into account as you explore your options. You may be relocating, but you are still the same person, and your housing should reflect the best of who you are.

How can Danbury make downsizing one of the best moves of your life? Schedule a tour at a location near you to see all of the possibilities and advantages to making this change now, on your own terms.

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