Applying for LPN Jobs

Applying for LPN Jobs

What Should You Look For?

In today’s job market, LPNs have a lot of opportunities. In fact, you may find yourself in the fortunate situation of having to choose among multiple offers. Which differentiators should you consider when selecting the best environment for you?

Nurse-to-Patient Ratio

It goes without saying that the fewer patients assigned per nurse, the better care they receive. Facilities with a lower nurse-to-patient ratio ensure that patients not only receive the appropriate medical attention when they need it, but deeper personal interactions and social bonds as well. More patients also means more documents, reports, and medications for the LPN to manage. For the best in care and work satisfaction, facilities should provide as many nurses as they can.


When you interview for an LPN position, you should expect a tour of the facilities. During the tour, pay close attention to the condition of the patients’ living spaces and the demeanor of the staff. Take some time to introduce yourself and chat with others to get a sense of the community’s overall atmosphere.

Also, when given a choice among facilities, consider how you would like to spend your time with the residents. Are the patients active? Are there opportunities for them to engage in exercise, crafts, music, or other recreational activities? Do the facilities reflect beauty, diversity, dignity–and fun? You will be spending hours in this physical space. Make sure you and your patients will enjoy it!


A good facility will provide initial training for its new employees, acquainting them with the community’s philosophy, daily schedule, and style. The clearer the expectations, the better your chance at learning quickly and succeeding in your job. Training is an investment. Facilities that choose to “wing it” with their new employees often find themselves falling short of their vision–if they have one–resulting in dissatisfaction and wasted time all around.

Career Advancement Opportunities

In any interview for an LPN position, you will be asked about your vision or long-term career goals. Your interviewer, of course, wants to see that you are motivated and passionate about your profession.

As a committed LPN, you want those opportunities to advance and grow as well, and your place of employment should encourage them. Will this facility offer you a path to management, if that is your interest, or the opportunity to stay on board once becoming an RN? Can you see yourself working here a year from now? Five years? Ten?


As an LPN, you will be working with other nurses, RNs, and physicians. As with every career, the team dynamics can make or break the job. When deciding among opportunities, consider what you’ve learned and observed about the work culture. Is it positive and supportive, with everyone working toward a common goal? Or do you notice power struggles and jealousies? Does the facility promote an overall atmosphere of respect? While you can make positive contributions to the culture, you want to make sure you’re stepping into a healthy work environment to begin with.

Looking to join an engaged and positive team? Apply to Danbury today!

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