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I exercise every day, but my brain still feels foggy. What can I do?

When you go for a check-up, does your doctor ask you if you've been exercising regularly? We all know that if you don't exercise your body's muscles with weights and cardio you run the risk of ill health. As the saying goes, "If you don't use it, you will probably lose it."
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Can I do anything to make my hearing better?

Did you know that The National Institute on Aging reports a solid relationship between aging and hearing loss? As many as half of all individuals age 75 and older encounter hearing difficulties.
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What, Exactly, Is a Certified Elder Law Attorney?

If you’re of an appropriate age, or have a loved one who is, you’ve probably heard of an “Elder Law Attorney” and wondered what they do.
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How can a senior best celebrate Valentine’s Day, especially this year?

What if you're a senior on Valentine's Day? How do you celebrate?
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What Are the Benefits of Living in a Senior Living Community?

Whenever the topic of a “senior community” arises, most seniors dig in their heels and swear they’ll NEVER move, but deep down, they know it would be for the best. Learn the benefits of living in a senior living community.
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Why Don't I Laugh Anymore?

 At Danbury Senior Living, our activity groups and meals are filled with smiles and laughter.
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How Can A Senior Be Safer In The Winter Months?

While this certainly isn’t the worst winter we’ve ever had, when I slipped on a patch of ice I was reminded that we all need to focus on safety- especially for our Seniors!
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Should a Senior Set New Years Resolutions?

As we enter yet another New Year, be sure to set some attainable goals! Let us know how we can help.
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How Much Sleep Does a Senior Citizen Need?

Sleep needs change over our lifetime. Interestingly, older adults still need about the same amount of sleep as kids- seven to nine hours of sleep each night.
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This Has Been A Tough Year For Seniors. How Can I Help?

Many people have asked me over the last few weeks, “Bob, what can we do to help?” Here are a few things for you to do for the seniors in your life for this Holiday Season.
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How Can I Tell If Mom & Dad Need Extra Help?

Holidays are a time to visit with aging parents. Here are some things to look for to determine if mom or dad might need some extra help.
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What Should I Get Grandma For Christmas?

Holiday Senior Living
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