When is the right time to move?


Is it time to move to a senior living community?

We understand that can be a hard question to answer. Moving is a personal and stressful decision that involves much consideration and planning. The thought of leaving the home you have known can make you feel vulnerable, uneasy, and overwhelmed with a mile-long to-do list. But be patient with yourself. All of these feelings are normal, and we are here to help.

Every person and situation is unique, and we have the experience to help you weigh your wishes, expectations, needs, and choices. When you do decide to transition to senior living, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.


See Common Questions

When is the right time to move to a senior living community? | Danbury Senior Living

The following are some things to consider when thinking about whether this is the right time to move:


Your Home 

  • Do you feel one-floor living would be more convenient and safe?
  • Has there ever been a time when you felt unsafe in your home?
  • Has maintaining a home, appliances, yard, etc., become a chore or have these things been neglected?
  • Are you uncomfortable having workers enter your home to maintain it? Do you trust what they tell you about repairs?
  • Have there been times when you’d appreciate having safety grab bars in your bathroom?
  • Is the hassle of moving one of the top reasons you are staying in your present home?
  • Would you feel safer living where a fire alarm/smoke detector/sprinkler system is in place?
Is it time to move to a senior living community? | Danbury Senior Living

Is it time to move to a senior living community? | Danbury Senior Living
Your Health
  • Has preparing healthy meals become a burden or do you eat at restaurants more than you like to?
  • Could you be eating a healthier diet?
  • Would you feel safer if a nurse managed your medication for you?
  • Would you be more physically active if you had easy access to age-appropriate exercise equipment and activities were conducted closer to your home?
  • Has a loved one suggested that you consider senior living?
  • Do you ever wish someone was nearby in case of an emergency?
  • Do you think of your (or your spouse’s) current health and future health?
  • Is it becoming difficult to manage the activities of daily living, such as showering, personal hygiene, eating?


Your Finances

  • Is keeping track of bills and living expenses become a worry?
  • Do you spend more on utilities than you really need to?
  • Do you keep the heat or air conditioning at uncomfortable temperatures to keep bills in line?
  • Would downsizing now enable you to make sure family heirlooms are entrusted to the right family members or lessen a burden on family members later?
  • As a more affordable way of enjoying Danbury life would you consider Co-Sharing an apartment with a friend or relative?

Is it time to move to a senior living community? | Danbury Senior Living

Is it time to move to a senior living community? | Danbury Senior Living

Your Social Life

  • Do you feel you limit your activities because you travel less at night or during bad weather?
  • Do you ever skip an activity because it would require the assistance of a family member or friend?
  • Do you sometimes feel isolated in your home?
  • Would you like a ‘built-in’ social network of peers?
  • Do you sometimes feel lonely or wish it would be easier to interact with people like yourself?
  • Do you find it is becoming harder to entertain in your home? 


The more questions you answered “yes” the closer you are to enjoying a senior living community.

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